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Installation - Valkyrie

Installation - Valkyrie

  1. Download the Valkyrie Theme ZIP file from ThemeForest.

  2. Inside the ZIP file you will find 4 folders: license, docs, valkyrie, media and 1 ZIP file called valkyrie.zip. Extract the whole folder that contains the previously mentioned files.

  3. Navigate to the Integrations section on your Ghost Admin Dashboard.

  4. Click on Custom Integration and write a name like "Search".

  5. Copy the Content API key.

  6. With your favorite code editor open the default.hbs file located at valkyrie/ directory.

  7. Go to line 58. Copy your API key between the double quotes. For example:

var ghosthunter_key = "**Your key here**";
var maxPages = parseInt("{{pagination.pages}}");
var endMessage = '{{t "No More Posts"}}';
var loadingMessage = '{{t "Loading..."}}';
var Message = '{{t "More posts"}}';
  1. Save the document. ZIP the theme.

  2. Navigate to the administration panel of your Ghost Blog. Then, go to the Settings section, located at the sidebar and click on Design. Click on Change Theme and click on the green button that says: Upload Theme.

  3. A dialog asking for a ZIP file will prompt. Select the valkyrie.zip you created in step 8. That's it. You are ready to go with your new blog.