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Custom Templates - Valkyrie

Custom Templates - Valkyrie

Valkyrie comes with three additional types of custom templates: Author List, Tag List and Contact Form. Both type of pages are used to provide a full list of author / tags automatically and they don't require to do any modification to the theme itself. To display such lists on your website, follow these steps:

  • Create a new post on your blog, and turn it into a Page.

  • Select the type of template you want (Author, Tag or Contact Form):

Template Select

  • Put a title and description to your new page. If a cover image is not provided, Valkyrie will use a pattern image by default.

  • Publish it.

Categories Page

This is how the categories (tags) page looks like. A paginated list of all the categories with at least one post.

Tag Template Valkyrie

Authors Page

This is how the authors page looks like. A paginated list of all the authors with at least one post.

Author Template Valkyrie

Contact Form

If you need an static contact form you can create a page with Contact Form selected as custom template. The form itself does not have functionality, but if you want to, I recommend to use: Formspree. You are able to use everything you normally use on a page, but limit yourself to use text only.

Contact Template Valkyrie