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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Error: File Missing "style.css".

This means that you have made a wrong purchase since you are installing this theme on a WordPress site. Our themes are only compatible with Ghost. Ghost and WordPress are completely different CMS platforms. You can't also ask for a refund, since the Themeforest Refund Policy clearly states that there are not refunds made for mistaken purchases.

Do you have any plans to make a WordPress version?

No. None of my themes will be available for WordPress or any other platform.

The search form freezes with a loading icon.

This happens because you need to use a Custom Integration so the search functionality has access to the Ghost Content API. If you miscongured or didn't configured the integration at all, a loading icon will be displayed infinitely. Please, refer to the installation steps of the theme you bought inside this documentation to know how to properly configure your Search Functionality.

You have to at least mark a post as Featured. To do so, head over to any post on your Ghost Dashboard. Click on the Settings, it will open the configuration sidebar, scroll all the way down until you find a check that says Feature This Post, then, update your post. The carousel should be displayed correctly.

Can you add / modify such feature / section?

No. I won't provide any customization or additions to any of my themes. However, I will be making regular updates and fixes so my themes are up-to-date with the Ghost platform. If you want to make any addition to the theme, I would recommend hiring a freelancer to do so.